The time is at hand to begin the real estate home selling season. And though it seems like a logical thing for real estate agents, home owners may not realize how important it is to get great photography to your agent. Studies show that great photos get better potential buyers asking your agent to visit your home. That same study showed that professional photography made a huge difference in the price that home owners were able to sell their homes for.

If you are selling your home this spring, you need to get a head start so you have all of the shoot and image optimization done so you can get your agent photos. For some homes, shooting while the leaves are off the trees will yield photography of your home that would otherwise have an obstructed view of key views of the structure or land. Also, you can get beautiful blue skys in the early spring that really show off the beauty of the place.

So whether you are getting the photography done to give to your agent or you want to recommend an experienced real estate photographer to you agent directly, contact Motophoto Tyler and see what a difference pro photography makes for your MLS listing. Selling your home will be a much better experience for it.

Want the best photos of your current properties? You know you do.

Thing is, while some of you may have the equipment, almost all of you are short on time. And do you really want to submit photos for a listing that you shot on your smart phone? Indoor photography is not easy. Why end up frustrated because you can’t show your property’s best side?

We know real estate photography. Lighting is the key. And you want the very best base images if you decide to boost them up a little in Photoshop. We want to show you how beautiful your homes are.

Contact us. We can show you portfolios of work that we’ve done and we believe that you will want those kind of images for your listings.

Good Friday Morning to you all! I just wanted to give you a heads up that we will be updating our website this afternoon but the link to the online ordering will be available by clicking the link on the construction page. We hope to have the new site up and running by tomorrow that will feature a new online gallery and better description of our services. Thank you for your business and I hope the new site will help you enjoy MotoPhoto even more!

Patrick McGown